Ohio Valley Haunts
Feature Attractions
Land of Illusion
Horror Acres
Indy Scream Park
Hanna Haunted Acres
Wilmington Haunted Hollow
Mt. Healthy Haunted Hall
Dayton Scream Park
Forest of Fright
Haunted Town Hall
Highway 50 Fright Field
Haunted Planet
Hauantfest on 5th
Hauntfest on 5th
Dayton Scream Park (Dayton, OH)
Nightmare on Valley Street (at Dayton Scream Park) Hollywood (at Dayton Scream Park - Dayton, OH)
Rat Trap Maze (at Dayton Scream Park - Dayton, OH)
Dead Acres (Haunted Hoochie - Pataskala, OH)
Bad Trip in 3D (at Dead Acres - Pataskala, OH)
Halloween Haunt (Kings Island - Mason, OH)
Backwoods Bayou Cemetery Dr
Blackout Freak Street
Board to Death Nightmare Alley
Field of Screams ENTERTAINMENT
Killmart Blood Drums
Madame Fatale's Cavern of Terror Hot Blooded
Slaughter House Monster Rock
Sorority House
Urgent Scare ESCAPE ROOM
Wolf Pack The Viewing
Haunted Hoochie (at Dead Acres - Pataskala, OH)
Haunted Hoorah (Ashley, OH)
Land of Illusion (Middletown, OH)
Dr. Psycho's Haunted Estate (at Land of Illusion - OH) Killer Klowns (at Land of Illusion - OH)
Middletown Haunted Trail (at Land of Illusion - OH) Temple of Terror (at Land of Illusion - OH)
Voodoo Bayou Shanty (at Land of Illusion - OH)
Unpleasant Hills (Richmond, IN)
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